Over-Watch Group Ltd

Over-watch Group Ltd


Welcome to the Over-Watch Group.

Over-Watch Group Ltd, is a UK based company that provides training, staff and equipment to enable a variety of security and defense-related capabilities.

We are split into 4 main work areas. LAND, SEA, AIR and Police Training Teams.

Our core areas of expertise include maritime Exclusive Economic Zone Protection, maritime Search and Rescue; COIN operations, Training and the operation of highly capable UAVs.

What we provide

We provide industry and governments with highly trained expert staff, the proper equipment, and, if you choose, training for your own staff (including, for example, your police force), allowing you to develop and maintain a sustainable and cost-effective protective service.

We supply platforms, weapons, qualified Trainers and we draw our resources from a comprehensive network of ex-UK military and Police Service staff from across the ranks. This means you benefit from the best staff, trained to the highest standards, who are committed to operating to the highest professional standards.

Over-Watch Group also undertakes operations such as site protection, area surveillance and vessel protection and counter-piracy. We partner with trusted experts and organisations where this gives you better options.

Over-Watch Group supplies special operations staff and training. In high risk or high tempo environments, this gives you the edge.